Who can participate in the Summer School?

The Summer School is aimed at Law and Legal Informatics graduates as well as graduates from other areas of study to which IT Law and Legal Informatics are relevant. Students of these disciplines are welcome to apply.  The Summer School is also open to those who work in the field of IT Law and Legal Informatics. You do not need to be a student at Saarland University to apply. Interest in cross-disciplinary and international collaboration is a prerequisite for participation. 

Is it possible for me to participate in some sessions of the Summer School but not others?

YES - participants are also invited to attend part of the Summer School although please note that you must attend at least 2 Topic Blocks. Please take into account that part-time attendance means that you will pay a reduced participation fee and will also receive fewer ECTS Credits.

Do I have to present my own research contribution at the Summer School?

NO - we also welcome applications from participants who wish to attend at least 2 Topic Blocks but who do not wish to present their own contribution.

Are undergraduates eligible to participate in the Summer School?

YES - Whilst only graduates can apply to present their own research contributions, students who can show that they have a particular interest in the topic areas of the Summer School are also welcome to apply to attend at least 2 Topic Blocks.

How many participants will there be at the Summer School?

The number of participants is limited to 30.

I am struggling with my application - what can I do?

Get in contact with us! Mrs Caroline Hertwig would be happy to help you complete your application and answer any questions you may have. You can find her contact details under the heading "Support".

How do I get to Saarbrücken?

Our website contains detailed information about how to travel to Saarbrücken but please get in contact with us if you need any additional information.

Where will I be staying during the Summer School?

Participants of the Summer School must organise their own accommodation and Saarbrücken has a large number of excellent hotels for you to choose from. To assist you, we have block booked hotel rooms at local hotels in various price categories. Former participants have recommended using AirBnB.

Who is organising the Summer School?

The Summer School is being organised by the Institute of Legal Informatics which is part of the Faculty of Law at Saarland University. The Managing Director of the Institute is Prof. Dr. Georg Borges. You can find further details about the Institute here.

Which language will the Summer School be held in?

The Summer School will be held in English. For those that are not native speakers, it is the chance for you to improve your English by following the lectures and taking part in the social program. Applicants are not required to hold formal qualifications in English in order to take part in the Summer School.

Will I receive a certificate for the participation in the Summer School?

Yes, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have participated in the Summer School. Furthermore, for attending at least 2 topic blocks, up to 4 ECTS Credits can be awarded. For further information, please have a look at the section concerning the recognition of attendance.

Will I receive confirmation of my attendance at the introductory lectures?

For the purpose of evidencing the fulfilment of your continuing professional development obligation as a "Fachanwalt" in IT Law in accordance with § 15 FAO, we are able to provide you with confirmation of your attendance at the introductory lectures.

Will the Summer School social program content be exactly as it is shown on the website at the moment?

The Institute started to organise the Summer School social program more than 6 months from the start date of the Summer School. Whilst we do our very best to ensure that it is accurate, it may be necessary for us to change parts of the program.

Is there a Dress Code?

There is no strict Dress Code but we suggest Business Casual during the Summer School sessions and casual for the excursions. Please come prepared for changeable weather - it defintely won't snow in late August but sunshine, rain and temperatures ranging from 15 to 35°C are all possible.

Will I have the opportunity to use the Gym (UNIFIT) which is located on the University Campus?

YES - it is possible for guests of Saarland University to use the University Campus gym: the cost is 18 Euros and includes an introductory session and a training period of 2 weeks. Note: Please contact us in advance if you would likeus to set up your gym access in advance! For further information, please see also the website of the UNIFIT (Link will open in a new window).